Carol Platt Liebau: Word to Robert Byrd

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Word to Robert Byrd

To Democrats like Robert Byrd who would rather simply avert their eyes from the plain facts, General Petraeus makes it crystal clear: Iran is attacking US soldiers and trying to destabilize Iraq.

Here's film of Robert Byrd denouncing America's handling of the Iran problem. Among other ignorant remarks, Byrd declaimed, "Every day it seems that the confrontational rhetoric between the United States and Iran escalates. We hear shadowy claims about Iran’s destabilizing actions in Iraq with little direct evidence offered to back it up."

Well, now -- even more explicitly than before -- Byrd has General Petraeus' word. Is he really calling the General a liar?


Blogger The Very Sane Woman Who Points Out the Obvious said...

I cringe sometimes as I see him, shoulders stooped, speach slurred, so burdened with age.

That being said, Robert C. Byrd is probably one of the greatest senators in this nation's history. While his voting record is not 100% the way I would like it, I'm proud that he has represented my state, and represented it well.

Byrd is right to question what general Petraus has to say about Iran. Since when has it become verboten to question what a general has to say? Generals are only human and as such can be mislead, mistaken, or marching in the line of folly with their cohort.

Just imagine if more senators, voters, pundits, and folks in the news business had asked more questions when Dick Cheney said that Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons.

Or do we not regret these things?

10:05 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

This may seem odd coming from a staunch supporter of the President, the War, and the U.S. Military; but I don't really mind the public in general and elected officials in particular questioning our military.

First, it's the way it's supposed to be. In the U.S. the military is subordinate to civilians. I wouldn't want it any other way. Do we really want to put the military on such a pedestal that they cannot be questioned?

Second, I'd much rather hear what people really think. Let the left spout off all they want. What better way for the American public to distinguish between candidates when election time comes around? It beats the heck out of all that, "We support the troops" claptrap!

We have a clear choice: support the party who wants to defeat those who want to destroy us, or support the party who, to date, has only shown a concern for regaining domestic political power.

Who's really watching out for us?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Yes, Robert C. Byrd is probably one of the greatest senators this nation has ever had, with his white hood and the initials KKK on his white robe. Grand Dragon wasn't he?

Anyway, he certainly has the right to question what Gen. Petraeus has said. The problem is that he questions from a position of ignorance, so all he can do is question. He can provide no answers, and to continue to say that there is no evidence is all he can do. He will never be able to provide any evidence, nor would he listen to any that he did not like. So I think the answer to Carol's question is yes, he is calling Gen. Petraeus a liar.

7:06 PM  

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