Carol Platt Liebau: Time to Resign, Senator

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time to Resign, Senator

It's time for Senator Larry Craig to resign, in light of this story. Not only does the behavior itself (credibly alleged to have occurred more than once) require resignation, so does Craig's apparent failure to alert any members of the Republican Senate leadership that an embarassment like this would be coming down the pike.

It's a difficult situation for the senator's family, and it's obvious that only his resignation will stem a tide of salacious stories.


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Off topic:

Coyote and other contributors did a very good job. Their less caustic and less partisan approach lead to more discussion and comments. It was enjoyable.

But Carol is back with silly right-wing talking points and smear campaign. How boring!

11:17 AM  
Blogger Chepe Noyon said...

I'd like to compliment you for a nonpartisan stance here.

11:33 AM  

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