Carol Platt Liebau: Open thread for bloggers we have not heard from

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Open thread for bloggers we have not heard from

This blog receives thousands of hits per day, but we usually hear from only a handful of bloggers. This is like silently watching Cheers at home when you can belly up to the bar and tell off Cliff.

This is your chance. Anyone who has not contributed comments in the last 48 hours is welcome to post here on any topic that is not NC-17.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

"This is like silently watching Cheers at home when you can belly up to the bar and tell off Norm."
Who is Norm? I never understood Cheers, if you mean the TV series.
Same with the Simpsons. My humour is Marxist. That is Groucho.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Carol Platt Liebau said...

Coyote here.

I meant Cliff, the know-it-all.

Search "cliff cheers" in wikipedia.

9:39 PM  
Blogger rocksandbroncs said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Carol. Many times I 've wanted to participate in the discussion of the issues you raise here but never have. Thoroughly enjoy your work and am especially pleased when I get to tune you in on the radio during your guest appearances.

I am profoundly grateful that I was born here in the USA. I can't be proud to - literally - be an American but I most certainly can be proud of the American I am. All too often citizens of all ideologies take our citizenship and place in the world for granted. But with the blessing of citizenship comes responsibility as well. There are tens of millions of people around the world who would immediately trade places with any one of us if given the opportunity.

Liberals are all too eager to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of the nation that is the leader of the free world but unwilling to accept or even acknowledge the responsibilities that come with that good fortune. Whether we like it or not, or choose to ignore it, or are too selfish to address it, this country is, truly, not only the Last Best Hope for the present world but the future of the species as a whole. And it is incumbent on us, as a nation in general and as conservatives in particular, to do all we can to lead by example and give hope to the rest of the global community. I think Mark Steyn, among others, presents the case most clearly.

One problem with liberals is that they're far too selfish and self-loathing to acknowledge this country's place in the world and in history. Ignorance and cowardice, belief in their Godless religion of liberalism and an unspoken death-wish on their parts evoke only ambivalence in me except when it involves other, innocent people. The liberals' policies ensure collateral damage and that is totally unacceptable to myself and all other conservatives. As such, it is a moral and practical requisite for conservatives to prevent this collateral damage by inactivity, apathy, 'lack of time' or any other unacceptable excuse. Carol and a host of others with the means (thank God for the internet and talk radio) are doing their part so we the grass-roots, little guy people need to do ours, as well.

Thank you Carol, our intrepid members of the armed forces and all the other off-the-marquis conservatives who recognize the situation and quietly but devotedly go about preserving not only what we have worked so long and so hard for, and have earned, but also providing hope for millions of other of our species-members who aren't as fortunate as we are.

And thanks, Coyote, for pinch-hitting.

7:57 AM  

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