Carol Platt Liebau: So Which Is It?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So Which Is It?

Disappointingly, Republican Senator Pete Domenici has joined the surrender caucus by demanding a withdrawal of almost all US troops from Iraq by March of 2008.

Here's the question: When did Senator Domenici decide that the war he supported -- with interests large enough to justify sending young soldiers to their deaths -- just wasn't worth the effort any more?

Predictably, he cites dissatisfaction with the Iraqi government as the reason for his about-face. The problem, however, is that the progress of that government -- or lack thereof -- really isn't the primary issue at stake in this debate.

The real issue is whether abandoning Iraq is in the US's security interests. And it's hard to see how handing Iraq over to become a terrorist launching pad -- or a hot spot, with Saudi Arabia looking to protect the Sunnis, Iran looking to protect the Shias, and Turkey looking on from the north -- does anything to make the United States, or the world for that matter, more secure. All it does is hand Al Qaeda an enormous and morale-boosting victory, emboldening them in their efforts to attack the west; that's because our withdrawal will, in the terrorists' minds, only vindicate their view of western culture as decadent, cowardly and weak.

What we are seeing is an unprincipled act of political cowardice. It's natural for Senator Domenici to feel nervous about his upcoming election. The problem is that his stand is really guaranteed to please no one. Loyal Republicans will question his judgment and his political courage, and may well decide not to support him. Rabid anti-war types won't be pacified by his 11th hour conversion.

But most sadly of all, his decision will only undermine the morale of our troops and give a much-needed lift to the terrorists, who really can't win unless US senators like Domenici are willing to lose.


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Cut and run Republican conservatives, giving encouragement to the enemy. The commander guy is the decider, the commander in chief. These pansy senators are traitors and cowards. Not tough on war like they pretended. Flip floppers when the going gets tough, if you will.

It is the medias fault for not showing us all the good news from Iraq. All those newly painted schools, new hospitals and the billion dollar US embassy. All they show is death. As if there was a civil war.

Didn't they hear Bush just say they are ready to sign our petro industry created Iraqi oil sharing laws?

7:54 PM  
Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

Doolittle has done the same apparently.

I think you need to ask yourself why you continue to support this complete disaster, Carol.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

I think she answered that question, OSO. Re-read paragraph 4.

Cut and run doesn't look good on any American, regardless of party affiliation. Those like Domenici are as contemptable as the Dems they emulate by such actions.

5:07 PM  

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