Carol Platt Liebau: I Guess Chelsea's Fair Game Now

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Guess Chelsea's Fair Game Now

This is Ruth Anne Adams, of "The Maternal Optimist."


The New York Times did a rather long profile of the young Clinton and her potential role as her mother's presidential campaign trudges onward. It takes almost 40 paragraphs to get to her, for want of a better word, "boyfriend" Marc Mezvinsky. Mezvinsky's parents both served in Congress and his father was riddled with a sex scandal in 2002. Like Chelsea, he graduated from Stanford and is currently in the elite banking field. Their religions differ, however, with Mezvinsky being Jewish and Clinton being Methodist. Perhaps the New York Times is suggesting a modern update to "Bridget loves Bernie"?

Always a sucker for a big, splashy wedding, I've wanted a White House wedding for many years. I have very vague memories of Tricia Nixon's White House wedding. I had hopes that one of the Bush twins might've pulled it off, but I am losing hope there. Much as I want Chelsea to be happily [and splashily] married, I don't want her other parent in the Oval Office just to satiate my nuptial hunger.

Chelsea Clinton fascinates me because she's a Clintonian sphinx. From the article, I believe she picked up her father's skill at conversing with anyone about anything, and her mother's personal discipline and taste in clothes: pantsuits.



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