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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Give Me A Break

So a prosecutor from the WWII war crimes trial at Nuremberg thinks Guantanamo is unfair.

So sorry. Well, I have an idea. We'll just hold the enemy combatants as criminals of war, and then wait for the "war on terror" to end before trying them. After all, this high minded prosecutor had the advantage of trying defendants after the war was safely concluded, when -- even had they gone free -- there was little harm they could cause.

Today, with terrorists who target civilians and who abide by no known rules of warfare, the rules obviously have changed. How interesting that this prosecutor doesn't seem to acknowledge that the "rules" of warfare that even the most abhorrent Nazi troops lived by no longer exist.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

He obviously is missing a few facts, and maybe marbles.

6:44 PM  
Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

Today, with terrorists who target civilians and who abide by no known rules of warfare, the rules obviously have changed.

Modern Terrorism has been around ever since ww2 ended. In that time there have been countless terrorist attacks by the IRA, ETA and various Arab groups.

The rules didn't suddenly change on 9/11.

The reactionary and uninformed conservatives that make up the right wing in America would do well to actually examine what has gone on in the past, rather than treat terrorism like another form of vague Communist threat from the 1950s.

Your readers would do well to read about The Birmingham Six who were unjustly imprisoned by the British government who thought they could make up evidence and lie in order to protect the country from terrorists. The same could be said of The Guildford Four.

History shows us that when confronted by terrorism, states often make the mistake of ignoring their own rules and laws... to their detriment. Because of America's unusual ignorance of what happens around the world, very few conservatives actually realise this and are gung ho for expanding Gitmo.

The so called "war on terror" is just another war on a noun that can't be won. With no clear enemy or strategy, American forces are killing lots of people and making little positive difference in the lives of Iraqis and Afghans. Prisoners are illegally detained in other countries and shipped off to Gitmo after being tortured in Eastern Europe.

You may say the rules have changed. Morals have not. America's place in the world has been permanently sullied by its evil actions.

3:38 PM  

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