Carol Platt Liebau: A Total Train Wreck

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Total Train Wreck

Hugh Hewitt is reporting that the GOP is about to make a terrible, colossal, gigantic mistake by finding an immigration "compromise" that offers plenty of amnesty and very little border security.

I have long expressed concern about the political implications of mishandling the immigration issue for the GOP. But what continues to puzzle me is why, after all, Republican elected officials don't seem to understand what it will mean -- not just for their party (which is bad enough) -- but for America itself should a terrorist plot succeed, and we come to learn it was masterminded by someone who slipped across the border.

Many, many Americans would be willing to compromise when it comes to finding a solution for the millions of illegals already in this country. But such compromise is foolish unless it's accompanied by some kind of proof that the border can and will be secured against future illegals -- especially those who mean us harm.

The Republicans are doing themselves a crazy and terrible disservice by signing on to any legislation that doesn't emphasize enforcement first.


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