Carol Platt Liebau: Just the Same as Abu Ghraib?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just the Same as Abu Ghraib?

Here is some grisly information about Al Qaeda torture methods for the denizens of moral equivalence who continue to harp on about Abu Ghraib. Waht went on there was terribly wrong, but even the worst behavior in which the guilty engaged is nothing compared to what we and our soldiers confront. Does John McCain really believe that people who would resort to such methods are going to be influenced by whether or not we waterboard their fellow terrorists in a crisis situation?


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Very mild stuff compared to what your European ancestors did during Medieval Ages. McCain has addressed torture better when he had more time, than that limited one minute response he had during the debate, that you refer to.

Here is what one person had to say:

"A harsh whipping with a cane is the worst kind of torture practiced in our country. Though it may seem impossible, five hundred lashes, even just four hundred, it is all it takes to kill a man".

"The right to corporal punishment exercised by one man over another is one of the evils that afflicts society, it is a sure means to smother any seed of civilization and to cause it to decompose".

F. Dostoyevsky

1:57 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

To be honest, I expected Earth and his ilk to stay away from this post because there's simply no way to spin Al Qaeda's torture techniques in a positive light.

Yet - can you believe this - Earth has the gall to say this is "very mild stuff"!

I'd be interested to see what Earth had to say regarding Abu Ghraib. Anyone remember?

Of course, there's the obligatory "righteous" indignation toward the West - a requirement for lefties in good standing these days. But the mere fact that he had to go back to the "Medieval Ages" puts the lie to the left's ridiculous moral equivalency.

You see, as Earth has conceded, the West long ago moved past this kind of behavior. We criticize ourselves for putting women's undergarments on a prisoner's head, for goodness sakes. But Islamic Fascists are still brutally torturing, maiming, and killing innocent people ON PURPOSE.

I think George W. Bush said it best soon after 9/11 - "We're better than they are."

Screw moral equivalency! The good, free peoples of the world must stand up to, fight, and destroy Islamic Fascism if goodness and freedom are to be preserved.

It's our moral duty.

5:29 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

Greg - Yes but .... We may hurt their feelings and make them mad at us.

I for one would much rather have them fear us. The faster and more brutal we are, the faster we win the war and the fewer people who actually die.

As far as switching strategy - anyone ever hear of Gen. Mead? What would have happened if Lincoln hadn't given command to "Unconditionsl Surrender" Grant.

If we do not start fighting this war now, my grandchildren will be fighting it.

We haven't won a war since Patton died.

12:34 PM  

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