Carol Platt Liebau: Democratic Priorities

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Democratic Priorities

Democrats are holding up a bill setting intelligence policy as part of an effort to put global warming on the same national security footing as, say, Islamofascist terrorism.

Now, all of us would be happy to see some good (i.e. non-ideological) data on global warming and the like, but it's highly unlikely that we'll ever awaken some morning to find that global warming has flown airplanes into urban skyscrapers or that greenhouse gasses have detonated a nuclear bomb in the center of Manhattan.

Faced with incontrovertible evidence that Islamofascist terrorists exist and want nothing more than to kill us, Democrats look away. Confronted with the still conjectural "threat" of global warming, Democrats man the barricades with full force.

Oh, and spare me the insistence that "scientific consensus" has ruled that global warming is occurring. First, that isn't true; second, there was a universal international consensus that Saddam Hussein had WMD.


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