Carol Platt Liebau: Boos for Trump

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boos for Trump

I've always been mildly amused at Donald Trump -- and looked on him as something of a self-promoting buffoon, albeit a very rich one.

But it's ridiculous that he's somehow trying to excuse the booing of America's contest in his Miss Universe pageant by blaming it on U.S. policy. Rather, he ought to be mentioning how such behavior is contrary to the spirit of the Miss Universe competition (such as it is).

As for the Mexicans who are happy to stick a thumb in the eye of the United States, a question for them is -- what's the problem? Failure to appreciate the fact that, thanks to the American economy (and lax laws) illegal immigrations send to Mexico $25 billion per year, (thereby serving as Meixco's largest revenue source)? Is this the kind of behavior we should simply expect from our "friendly neighbor to the south," and if so, why? Just because we want to enforce our border laws the same way they do theirs?


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