Carol Platt Liebau: Spurning Fox News

Monday, April 09, 2007

Spurning Fox News

According to Politico's Ben Smith, now Barack Obama, too, intends to withdraw from the debate jointly sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and Fox News.

This strikes me as curious. After all, the major part of Obama's message has been that Americans need to unite and find a better, more civil way to conduct politics. But what kind of example does it set when he, himself, refuses to speak to his fellow Americans simply because the debate is being broadcast on a news network that he doesn't favor? It's one thing for John Edwards to behave this way -- he's counted on reaching out to the crazy netroots and the unions. It seemed that Barack was trying for a more mainstream appeal, but Americans could hardly be blamed for finding an element of hypocrisy in his appeals for civility and harmony even as he slights those with whom he perceives there to be disagreement.

What's more, it strikes me as a thumb in the eye to the Black Caucus. Don't get me wrong -- I don't think that Barack Obama should be specially obligated because of his race to appear in a CBC-sponsored debate. But his absence does set a precedent, and certainly makes it easier for other candidates to ignore CBC-sponsored events in the future. What's more, it does nothing to dispel many of the doubts that African Americans have voiced about him -- at a time when Hillary Clinton will be working harder than ever for support in the black community.

It's almost enough to make one wonder if Barack doesn't feel ready to debate. What other reasons could there be for a decision that seems to fit neither with his persona nor with his political interests?


Blogger Marshall Art said...

Not wanting to debate seems a good enough reason for someone who hasn't actually said anything substantive thus far in his campaign. It also could be a reflection on his voting record as an Illinois State Senator. If his opponents jump on that, and I think they'd be smart to do so, he will be portrayed as the radical leftist he is, or a great tap dancer trying to get around it.

It also is curious that any of these guys would balk at the chance of possibly swaying some Fox viewers to their points of view. That's not to say it would happen, but if one firmly believes in one's own positions, not taking every opportunity to influence one's detractors seems, I dunno, like cut and run defeatism.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Carol can't you see the elephant in the room? It's name is FOX.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

It's obvious that FOX News has become the most watched news channel on cable TV. It's also obvious that the majority of FOX News viewers aren't so easily swayed by the likes of Dan Rather & Co.

But the real elephant in the room is that the Democrats have neither the ability nor the desire to communicate to such a huge portion of the American public. They'd much rather continue their illusions of grandeur as depicted by their friends in Hollywood and the Main Stream Media.

Their strategy is simple. Count on the millions who will vote Democratic no matter what. Lurch hard left to keep the loonies from jumping ship to the Green Party. Put hard pressure on historical constituencies to toe the line (blacks, unions, etc.). That will get them short of, but within striking distance of a majority. Then count on the main stream media to endlessly slant "coverage" and commentary in hopes of swaying a very slim number of middle-of-the-roaders to want nothing more than a generic "change".

Their ONLY hope of success is that very slim number of undecideds. Those people are the absolute key to a Democratic victory. The singularly most dangerous thing the Democrats could do at this point is to actually face real questions and scrutiny.

If those who haven't already made up their minds see the real Democrats under real pressure, there's no way Democrats could gain enough votes to achieve victory.

There's nothing new about this strategy. The left has known for decades they can't get their ridiculous policies enacted by winning a majority in open debate. That's why they decided many years ago to attack America - yes, attack America - from within the judiciary.

The struggle the Democrats face today is two fold. First, America has become overall more conservative over the past two decades. There are fewer of the undecideds for the Democrats to work with.

Second, the left has become so irrational that the mainstream Democratic Party is beginning to find it difficult to keep them in the fold.

Honestly, it's a tough time to be a Democrat in America today. Adding to these difficulties is the harsh reality the Party faces in recognizing that it's beginning to lose its iron grip on a majority in America. And they're fighting like jihadists to gain back their old glory days.

And like any jihadi worth his salt, Democrats need a propoganda machine. The MSM is happy to oblige. FOX News, not so much.

10:29 AM  

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