Carol Platt Liebau: Hardly "Rude-y"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hardly "Rude-y"

If this is the best the MSM can do to disparage Mayor Giuliani, well, he's sitting pretty.

In a story headlined "It's Rudy-y again: Ex-mayor erupts over question about rights," the New York Daily News describes an incident in which the mayor disputes the characterization of someone at a townhall that Americans have lost their rights. The exchange was obviously heated, but there was nothing rude about it -- at least from Giuliani's end.

The fact that the newspaper headline nonetheless chose to characterize it that way suggests that someone over there isn't a Giuliani fan. That's fine. But even if the mayor had slipped a bit over the "rudeness" line in defending the fact that law-abiding Americans' liberties haven't in fact been meaningfully abridged -- despite the paranoid assertions of the left -- that's hardly likely to hurt him with Republican primary voters.

What's more, it might even help him maintain his image as an honest, straight talker, and not the kind of politician who panders to every nut who wants to try to make a point.


Blogger HouseOfSin said...

Carol, Rudy and all other GOP candidates (and the Dems too) should repeat the following line:

"Perfection is the enemy of the good."

To my ears, Rudy's sin wasn't rudeness (I agree there) but imprecision. Yes we live in a great country. Yes we have lots of rights. But that doesn't address the issue of why they're abridged for whatever reason.

What would get to the questioner (and also be straight talk and incidentally inform all of us) would be what I just stated. We could go for "perfect" rights, not abridged in any way. But then as Dirty Harry would say, how lucky do we feel? So lucky that we abridge nothing and count on the compassion of those who hate us to stop?

No. Rudy should have said, we curtial a little on our end for the most egregious vulnerabilities that we know they could exploit. It's a "good" system in what is incidentally the freest nation on earth.

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