Carol Platt Liebau: Time to Go?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time to Go?

The editors at National Review are calling for the attorney general's resignation.

They contend that the argument that a Gonzales resignation will simply sharpen the Democrats' political bloodlust shouldn't carry an inordinate amount of weight. Maybe that's so -- but nonetheless, it strikes me that turning on the Attorney General without some show of actual wrongdoing sets a troubling precedent of throwing Republicans overboard if Dems succeed in creating a big though specious stink around them (although all that is subject to revision if it's shown that he did indeed mislead Congress or engage in some other objectively wrong behavior).

What's more, whether or not it enhances the Dems' thirst for blood, a Gonzales resignation will cement in many Americans' mind the perception that smething bad happened -- otherwise, why would the AG resign in disgrace?

I agree with Byron York's pithy assessment: "[I]t was an operation in which Justice Department officials did virtually everything wrong — except what they’re accused by Democrats of doing."
And I have no objection to the AG resigning, given what strikes me as some dazzling incompetence coming from the DOJ. But not yet -- not while the resignation will help Democrats perpetuate the myth that substantive wrongdoing took place.


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