Carol Platt Liebau: A "Soft on Terror" Agenda

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A "Soft on Terror" Agenda

Both the LA Times and the Democrats seem determined to use all occasions to further a "soft on terror" agenda.

Take this piece in today's Times. Titled "FBI abuses may lead to Patriot Act limits," it deliberately conveys the impression that the FBI has been wantonly, wilfully and gleefully violating Americans' civil liberties.

It takes until almost half way through the piece on the jump page (not the front, where the headline blares) before this important qualification is offered:

The report by Inspector Gen. Glenn A. Fine presented a picture of mismanagement and self-regulation gone awry. Fine said he had no evidence of intentional wrongdoing . . .

In other words, the whole "scandal" results from bureaucrats' inability to keep good records and the like. Not good, of course -- but hardly the civil rights scandal that the LA Times seems determined to make of it.

And then there are the Democrats. They've long opposed the Patriot Act -- remember Harry Reid boasting "We've killed the Patriot Act"? Now Pat Leahy and others are trying to use another example of bureaucratic incompetence as impetus for rolling back legislation that has helped keep America safe.

Before the senators get too high on their horses, they might likewise want to remember that many of their own number aren't the greatest recordkeepers in the world. Right, Harry Reid? Right, Hillary Clinton? Of course right.


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