Carol Platt Liebau: Now She's Concerned

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now She's Concerned

Ruth Marcus is full of righteous indignation over the perceived failings of Alberto Gonzales.

Strikes me that Gonzales has certainly managed to mishandle the PR for the US attorney matter -- who ever heard of apologizing for doing something that one has a perfect right to do, i.e., firing 8 US attorneys -- but, after all, isn't Ms. Marcus' concern several years too late?

Where was she, exactly, when the hapless, hopelessly incompetent Janet Reno was "presiding" over the Justice Department? Did she ever call for Reno to resign, even after it became clear that she was little more than a political lapdog for Bill Clinton, even after WACO, the use of the IRS and the FBI for partisan purposes, and so much more -- including the firing of all 93 US attorneys?

Could Marcus' concern possibly mirror her partisan sympathies?


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