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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How Typical

Senator John McCain has little to say about the Democrats who are plotting to force a US failure in Iraq, but -- true to form -- he's willing and ready to criticize former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, whose commitment to victory in the war is undeniable.

Hopw typical of John McCain. Obviously, the tactic is an attempt to woo back the disenchanted moderate voters, whose support was supposed to be the selling point for his presidential campaign.

Instead, sadly, it look desperate, it looks crass, and it just serves to remind the Republican base of all the times that John McCain has sought to curry media and independent favor by attacking his fellow GOP'ers.


Blogger Greg said...

The only thing McCain had going for him in my book was his supposedly staunch support for the war.

He lost that when he failed to even vote in the Senate on the non-binding resolution pushed by Democrats as a vote of no confidence in the President of the United States during a so-far-successfully-waged war against Islamic Fascists.

11:15 AM  
Blogger robert said...

I think you're being a little hard on McCain.

McCain has been saying for years that we should send in more troops. The author of the "light footprint" tactic was Rumsfeld.

McCain the candidate wants to reiterate his criticisms of the tactic without undermining the President as the surge gets underway.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

If the President is finally doing what McCain has been saying all along, then why didn't McCain go on record against the no confidence vote?

It was a perfect opportunity to once again confirm his support for the war and at the same time be able to say, "This is what I've been calling for all along."

Instead, McCain stuck his head in the sand in order to avoid disappointing his beloved media friends even though, as you point out Robert, McCain has been calling for more troops for a long time.

Shame on McCain for selling out his principles in order to keep from offending the press!

5:27 AM  

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