Carol Platt Liebau: For the Slow Kids

Monday, January 29, 2007

For the Slow Kids

In undermining our chances of success in Iraq, Democrats have repeated charged that there is "nothing new" about President Bush's "surge" plan. Contrary to the Dems' claims, National security advisor Stephen Hadley lays out the new elements of the President's plan.

The new plan for Baghdad specifically corrects the problems that plagued previous efforts. First, it is an Iraqi-initiated plan for taking control of their capital. Second, there will be adequate forces (Iraqi and American) to hold neighborhoods cleared of terrorists and extremists. Third, there is a new operational concept -- one devised not just to pursue terrorists and extremists but to secure the population. Fourth, new rules of engagement will ensure that Iraqi and U.S. forces can pursue lawbreakers regardless of their community or sect. Fifth, security operations will be followed by economic assistance and reconstruction aid -- including billions of dollars in Iraqi funds -- offering jobs and the prospect of better lives.

These are meaningful changes. But don't be fooled; the Democrats won't listen. Facts can get in the way of political advantage -- and the Dem attack is about nothing if not politics.


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