Carol Platt Liebau: Why We <i>Can't</i> Leave Iraq

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why We Can't Leave Iraq

Raghavan Mayur has a wonderful piece in today's Investor's Business Daily. You won't hear it trumpeted elsewhere, of course, but according to an IBD poll, 66% of Americans believe that a US victory in Iraq is important. What's more, 48% believe, in addition, that the U.S. will win. Adds a different gloss to a lot of these numbers.

What's more, Mayur does an excellent job in reminding readers why simply cutting and running in Iraq (as most Democrats advocate) would be a disaster. It would:

• Seriously weaken the ability of the U.S. to effectively project American power in the future and influence events in distant yet important lands.

• Spark instability in the Middle East, a region of highly strategic interest to the U.S.

• Equate to a win for Iran, Syria and their proxies who are waging wars on multiple fronts in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel.

• Amount to a win for al-Qaida and underscore a lack of U.S. resolve in the broader global war on terror and the rising threat of Islamofascism.

• Embolden dangerous regimes such as North Korea to invade their neighbors, oppress their detractors and instigate global conflagrations because they will believe America has lost its nerve.

And those who don't believe that a regional conflagration would flare up in the wake of a U.S. retreat are dreaming. In fact, according to the left's hallowed New York Times, the Saudis are threatening to offer funding to Iraq's Sunnis in the wake of a U.S. withdrawal.


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