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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good News

There have been electoral setbacks for Ahmadinejad.


Blogger Greg said...


According to the linked article, the hardliners "suppressed" the moderates in previous elections. Why do you suppose they didn't suppress them again.

The Iranians are dangerous and need to be dealt with. But they are not stupid. Am I venturing too far into conspiracy theory lunacy to wonder if the hardliners allowed these outcomes because they think it might make the U.S. more hesitant to attack Iran militarily?

It's been widely reported for many years that the Iranian public is dissatisfied with the current regime. That has always been a factor to consider when formulating policy regarding Iran.

It's a real dilema. Do you attack Iran to destroy a dangerous regime? Would that alienate that part of the Iranian population that tends to be friendly to the west? Can that part of the Iranian population overthrow the regime by themselves?

What to do ... ?

6:57 AM  

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