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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why We're in Trouble

This piece by Chuck Hagel (now my least-favorite senator, with the defeat of Lincoln Chafee) exemplifies why America is in trouble in Iraq.

Hagel's solution sounds easy: Turn Iraq over to the Iraqis, turn the Middle East over to the Iranians and the Syrians. Hagel writes:

[R]egional powers will fill regional vacuums, and they will move to work in their own self-interest -- without the United States. This is the most encouraging set of actions for the Middle East in years. The Middle East is more combustible today than ever before, and until we are able to lead a renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, mindless destruction and slaughter will continue in Lebanon, Israel and across the Middle East.

In other words, Hagel has no problem with America's enemies dominating a vital strategic region of the world -- in fact, it's "encouraging" that they're assuming leadership there, as far as he's concerned.

What's more, he buys into the myth that somehow a resolution to the "peace process" will solve all the problems, despite the fact that every Israeli concession has been met by nothing more than greater Palestinian (and terrorist) aggression.

Let's face facts. Giving up in Iraq will teach every country on earth that all it takes is 3,000 deaths and America will surrender. It will teach the world that American assurances of help to those who want to fight for freedom are empty -- as long as their adversaries can wreak enough havoc. And it will vindicate Osama bin Laden's world view that America is make up of decadent, weak people who care about nothing enough to fight for it, at least if the fighting drags on. That's a dangerous message to send to those who believe that they are engaging in a long, slow struggle for world domination.

For the life of me, it's impossible to understand how people like Chuck Hagel -- who supports a bipartisan policy of retreat -- can be considered a "realist." His approach is predicated on a view of the world that's anything but realistic: That everything will be OK if American would just get out of Iraq, and pacify the brutal enemies who want nothing more than to eliminate freedom across the world and see all of us dead.


Blogger R Platt said...

Hagel is an incompetent fool and except for his dangerous babblings, he’s totally irrelevant. Where in the world did the fine people of Nebraska dig up this guy?

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