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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Sad Statistic

Apparently, nearly four in ten of US children are now born out of wedlock.

This is bad news for a number of reasons: Children born out of wedlock are more likely to live in poverty; what's more, as a Heritage Foundation study (quoted here by Larry Elder) notes:

Compared to children living with both biological parents in similar socioeconomic circumstances, children of never-married mothers exhibit 68 percent more antisocial behavior, 24 percent more headstrong behavior, 33 percent more hyperactive behavior, 78 percent more peer conflict, and 53 percent more dependency. Overall, children of never-married mothers have behavioral problems that score nearly three times higher than children raised in comparable intact families.

Obviously, the out of wedlock birth rates are hardly a statistic to be cheering, but don't expect to hear that from the MSM.

It's not just morally wrong -- it's downright dumb for young girls create babies with boys who may be interested in sleeping with them, but whose commitment to them doesn't extend to a willingness to marry. Why is that message so absent from our culture today?


Blogger LQ said...

The greatest danger to the future of our country is not terrorism or global warming (or even the democrats taking over the Congress), but declining morality. Increasingly, Americans feel no sense of shame. This is an example.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

It baffles me that adults of all kinds wouldn't be shoulder to shoulder in fighting this fight. Not just parents, for though it may indeed start with them, they are only two (hopefully at least two) fighting against all of the outside influences. Teachers should be going no further than the biology of sex, other than to preach in favor of a more traditionally moral lifestyle. (One can argue the source of such morality, but insofar as keeping kids from engaging in sexual activity, it would behoove them to stuff a sock in it for the sake of the kids.) School counselors, sports figures, actors, any and all local adult figures, should be striving to reposition sexual activity to it's rightful place, or at least to the realm of the adult world. But then, one must preach as much to the adults as well, for it is they who has allowed the situation to get as bad as it has. Here's an example:

In Illinois High School District 214, a controversy erupted over the inclusion of several books on a suggested reading list for certain students (I believe it was for higher level students and it was for summer reading). There was about six in particular that one member of the school board isolated as innapropriate titles due to explicit sexual content. (I don't have the names of the books at hand, but one was "Beloved" by Maya Angelou. Never read it. Don't know what's in it. I know Medved agreed it was innappropriate for high school students.) Many teachers in the district, as well as most of the other board members insisted on retaining these books, rather than replacing them with other books. Having read some exerpts, it is clear to me that the teachers and board members in favor of the books found the notion of these references to be nothing whatsoever harmful for the students reading them. Seems to me, that such books on a school's reccommended reading list only serves to reinforce the idea that engaging in the referenced behaviors is acceptable, particularly as it was, again, suggested for summer reading, without guidance or discussion by or with adults.

This is not adults doing their part to guide kids to a more upright lifestyle. This is adults giving in to the lazy notion of "they're gonna do it anyway." Somehow, I feel there is a segment of our society that wishes to enable such behavior for all, including kids, and removing any hint of impropriety that may exist surrounding it. Part of it is removing the "sin" from the sin, and the next part is to build acceptability. Exactly to what end I cannot say. But it's certainly there.

11:01 PM  

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