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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An Excellent Choice

Today, Hugh Hewitt interviewed the man who will be Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

I've long been a fan of Senator McConnell's, especially because of his courage and tenacity when it came to combatting Senator McCain's campaign finance "reform" -- a thinly veiled attack on the First Amendment. He's also been a consistent advocate for justice in the judicial nominations area.

I'm less than enthused about the selection of Trent Lott as McConnell's deputy, but thrilled with McConnell himself. When Senator McConnell told Hugh Hewitt that "Senator Reid can expect all of the cooperation that he extended us in similar circumstances" -- well, that said it all.

I almost (but not quite) felt sorry for the senator from Nevada. And very, very pleased that Mitch McConnell's on our side. I like his style (and his substance!).


Blogger LQ said...

The GOP would benefit politically by enticing more African Americans to vote Republican. The party won’t get a majority of the black vote in my lifetime, but getting 20-30% would help tremendously.

That effort was set back today with the election of Lott. Even assuming his remarks four years ago were not racist, they were incredibly insensitive. Today’s vote was, too.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I am also a fan of Senator McConnell - and not just because he represents my state. He is a man of principle who will stick to his guns when he believes he's right. He's never shied away from an argument just because of media pressure. That's admirable.

I can't help but remember his handling of the Bob Packwood fiasco years ago. He insisted the Senate hold closed door meetings to determine the course of action to be taken. The Democrats and the media (Should I list those separately, or is that redundant?) hammered him throughout the meetings claiming a classic "Good 'Ole Boy" cover up was under way.

The Democrats and media were stunned to silence when McConnell's Committe adjourned after having sent Packwood packing. That, folks is how Washington is supposed to work. I've never been more proud of and encouraged by our elected officials. And my man, Mitch McConnell was the leader!

However, I do have two things that concern me about McConnell at this point in our history.

First, he was among those Republican Senators who cast what amounts to a "No Confidence" vote against President Bush regarding the War in Iraq. That was a horribly stupid move on the part of Senate Republicans. Mitch McConnell is a powerful voice in the United States Senate. I firmly believe he could have stopped that train wreck from happening. But he didn't. I'm still very upset by that.

Second, I'm not so sure Mitch is the firebrand, forceful, idealistic communicator we need to have in front of the cameras voicing the Republican cause over the next couple of years. I realilze a lot of that sentiment is based on shallow "media-darling" criteria. But we need someone who can communicate well to the general public our true Republican principles as well as we need an effective Senate inside operator.

Still, I'm happy to see my home state boy, Mitch McConnell, rise to the top Republican leadership position in the United States Senate. He has worked hard and effectively for years. Kentucky and the United States are and will be better off for his efforts

5:54 AM  
Blogger eLarson said...

I'd settle for someone who doesn't say "nuc-u-ler". (/tongue-in-cheek)

2:09 PM  

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