Carol Platt Liebau: She's No Harry Truman

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She's No Harry Truman

Laughably, Claire McCaskill is trying to portray herself as Harry Truman. Missouri can't afford to have a senator so profoundly removed from reality.

1. She has said that the war on terror will not be won on the battlefield, but through "sophisticated criminal investigations."

2. She supports the Hamdan decision, which extended Geneva Convention protection to terrorists.

3. She supports the publication of classified information by The New York Times -- saying that it was all right because the terrorists knew about it anyway.

4. She opposes the President's warrantless wiretapping program -- and has, in fact, called it "illegal."

5. She is concerned that the United States hasn't extended habeas corpus rights to detained terrorists (or, at least so she told supporters in Paris, France).

6. She supports an artificial deadline for withdrawal from Iraq.

7. She wants to "redeploy" American troops from Iraq to Saudi Arabia and Qatar (without knowing, mind you, whether those countries would even accept American troops).

8. She believes we have "failed" in Iraq.

Harry Truman wasn't a quitter. Claire McCaskill is. Harry Truman didn't believe we should cede the battlefield to our enemies . . . and he was willing to go to war in Korea to keep it from happening. Claire McCaskill wants to cut and run. Harry Truman understood that you need weapons to win a war. Claire McCaskill doesn't even acknowledge that we're at war with the terrorists, and believes the entire matter can be addressed through "sophisticated criminal investigations."

Claire McCaskill, you're no Harry Truman.


Blogger wile e coyote said...


Surely the Missouri Republicans can find some octogenarians who are willing to state publicly,

"I knew Harry Truman. Harry Truman was a friend of mine. McCaskill is no Harry Truman!"

11:16 AM  

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