Carol Platt Liebau: Insane, But Hardly Alone

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Insane, But Hardly Alone

Here is a transcript of remarks by Venezuala's "leader," Hugo Chavez.

They are so ridiculous and so over-the-top that they seem almost silly to mention. But the vituperative rhetoric -- he calls President Bush "the devil" -- is worth a mention. That's because a lot of his charges sound vaguely reminiscent of garbage that's spewed from the American left in recent years; note that he cites Norm Chomsky.

I wasn't a fan of Bill Clinton, and I can't stand Jimmy Carter. But if any foreign leader, or foreign person, were to critique either of them in such terms, I'd be outraged. But the sole commenter on the topic over at the Huffington Post sounds strangely complacent, almost resigned.

Where is the disgust from our Democratic friends over Hugo Chavez's remarks? Certainly, one doesn't want to give him disproportionate significance, but it likewise seems appropriate for our country to signal that when our President is attacked personally by some crack-pot, tin-pot dictator, the repudation from America is universal, and it is bipartisan.


Blogger ken said...

About Chavez's remarks at the United Nations....He enjoys holding his oil over our heads so that he can come to U.S. soil and make remarks about our President like he did the other day. I have heard that if he were to cut off oil to us that it would cost us about 15 cents a gallon more at the pump.
Well, I would enjoy paying 15 cents, or even 50 cents more a gallon just to hear President Bush tell this radical what he can do with his oil. He is able to come here and voice opinions about our government that people in his own land can't do about their own.

6:23 PM  

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