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Monday, June 05, 2006

No on 82

Feel like subsidizing preschool for the children of billionaires, millionaires and the plain old upper middle class? Then you'll love Prop. 82, the "universal preschool" initiative -- a big government lover's dream. Designed to expand the state's already ridiculously inefficient education bureaucracy (and, not incidentally, add more members to the rolls of the teachers' unions), it has virtually no redeeming social value.

Only big government lefties would look at the failure of the state's public education system, and decide that what it needs is control over more children for more years.

Lisa Snell at the Reason Foundation has done a stellar job in telling the truth about Prop. 82. Read her op/ed and check out related stories here.


Blogger amber said...

What concerns me is not that the government thinks kids should go to preschool. My children attend an excellant one and it is not very pricy. My problem is daycare kindergarden. Most of the elementary schools in my state have all day every day kindergarten. If my child road the bus their day would start at 0700 and they would not get home until 1600. That is too long of a day for a 5 year old. The rate of children who are held back is going up, quickly. I spoke with a woman in another district and she said 30% of this years kindergarten class will repeat next year at the request of the parents. This places more stress on other students too. Out of 19 students in my daughter's 1st grade class, 8 of them had been held back in kindergarten. My daughter has a may birthday, so 8 of the stundents she was being eveluated against were 2 years older than her. It truely disturbs me that we are putting so much pressure on our young children. School should be fun and educational, not an institution parents send their kids to. Now I home school (I use an excellant program) and my youngest will go to the same preschool as the other kids did. I partially enroll my children in school, for those of you who think they do not get ay socialization. They go to phy ed and music. I am very pleased with my decision and the kids are doing much better, I can hardly wait for them to take the placement tests the school gives the children every year. I am excited to see how well they have progressed outside of the school. I also get to learn something I never cared to learn until now... how to be a better spelner.

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