Carol Platt Liebau: Hillary and the Pill

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hillary and the Pill

Hillary Clinton has identified an alleged Republican "war" on contraception -- or else, she's trying to secure support on the feminist left, which may have softened in light of her "middle ground" rhetoric on abortion.

In any case, it's a silly, specious charge. What's her evidence? According to the piece:

The senator cited statistics that low-income women are having four times as many unwanted pregnancies as higher income women.

Even assuming all these women couldn't afford the many, varied, relatively inexpensive and easily accessible forms of birth control on the shelves of most major drug stores, the statistics still prove nothing. The higher pregnancy rate among low-income women could be a result of their (1) declining to use birth control or (2) using it improperly.

In any case, even if -- in some bizarre parallel universe -- the Republicans were trying to limit access to birth control, you'd have to credit them with favoring principle over politics. Because cutting off poor women's contraception may lead to more abortions, but it also results in more live births, which would quite effectively diminish the Roe effect.


Blogger wrabkin said...

Among other lovely items, Republicans are fighting for the "right" of pharmacists not to dispense birth control, even in emergencies. The Bush FDA has lied and stonewalled for 5 years to keep Plan B from becoming available.

Oh, not quite war on contraception but same basic idea -- Bush administration has fought against a vaccine for cervical cancer even though it is hugely successful -- because if you give it to a girl when she's 12 (which is when it is most effective), she might take that as a license to become a slut.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Cavalor Epthith said...

I point to the article I wrote yesterday stating if evangelicals, conservatives and anti-right to choose advocates are so certain in their beliefs then they should advocate a national ID card which has an information chip embedded in it like a phone card. The data in that chip would in clude code that says they waive their right to Roe protections. Thus the debate would be ended since the right feels the vast majority of women feel abortion is immoral in all cases.

On contraception, well the census statistics since 1950 will clearly show that women in the workforce and the advent of "the pill" have decresed white live births while minority birth rates have gone up at a steady rate. Within the white race births among the wealthy have sharply declined. What ruling class wouldn't want to curb their demise?

Cavalor Epthith
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