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Monday, March 20, 2006

Tired of the Titillating Times?

As I pointed out here, last week, the LA Times ran an article on women who were choosing to have plastic surgery performed on their private parts.

Last month, we had this story on a "burlesque queen and fetishist" who had, the Times informed us, "become fashion's 'It' girl."

And now, today, there's this piece on the sex lives of older women, referencing "spanking" and "anal sex."

Don't get me wrong -- I'm absolutely delighted to know that "older women like sex," as the article's subhead triumphantly informs us. I'm just not sure why that fact needs to be splayed all over the front of the Calendar section, just as the burlesque queen/fetishist story was; the plastic surgery was the health section's prominently placed lead article.

Who knew that one would need to exercise caution in exposing children of tender age to a major metropolitan daily -- because of its sexual overtones?


Blogger amber said...

I did not read much of this article. I did see that they wrote about 55 year old men looking for younger women. I understand that this has gone on throughout the ages, but I think it is happenning more now because the 50 something women (not all) emasculate men. I am 30, married to a 46 year old (he was never married and no kids). I appreciate his gentlemanliness and he appreciates that I like him to open doors for me. I would add that men in my age bracket (again, not all) are wimps. I always dominated in my relationships until I met my husband. We make a perfect pair.

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