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Monday, February 20, 2006

More Strategic Folly

Frank Gaffney points out yet more reasons why all of us should be very, very unhappy about the proposed deal to allow the UAE to manage six of America's most important ports.


Blogger Greg said...

Help me on this one. I've become dependent on the Internet as a resource for news. Thankfully, I can get enough input from various perspectives to get a grip on any story I choose to take interest in.

The greatest thing about this is that I'm usually made aware of misleading reporting by the MSM fairly quickly. Bloggers, et al are quick to analyze and verify inferences put forth by MSM. In my opinion, this is the single greatest development for the public good in many decades.

However, I get the distinct impression that New Media may have swallowed hook, line, and sinker an MSM meme on this particular story.

As I understand it, the original story was headlined as an Arabian COUNTRY (not Company) taking over six major American Ports. That was quickly augmented by the headline that an Arabian COUNTRY (not Company) was to be responsible for security at six major American Ports.

Everywhere I looked - Cable News, Newspapers, Blogs, and online magazines told the same story.

Yet this morning I hear that the story may have been reported incorrectly. I don't have all the details, but an Administration Official (Counsel to the President or something) was saying on TV this morning that a COMPANY (not a Country) based in an Arab Country had purchased a British Company that already had contracts for some percentage of operations at these ports. He also stated that port security and the scanning of materials had nothing at all to do with the area of responsibility this company has contracts for.

Perhaps the Administration is blowing smoke here.

Or perhaps the vaunted NEW MEDIA has fallen asleep at the wheel. Could it be that the very folks that brought down Jordan of CNN and Rather of CBS have not only allowed misreporting to go unchecked but have actually perpetuated MSM folly?!?

Is it at all possible that an established Arabian company can indeed handle import/export activities safely and effectively?

Maybe not. But then again, there were a lot of people who have implied (if not actually stated) that Arabs are incapable of appreciating, much less participating in, a democratic form of government.

Come on, NEW MEDIA. Help me out here. What's the REAL story? What's the TRUTH? I'm like millions of Americans. I don't have the resources individually to check this out. I'm counting on you. We're ALL counting on you.

Don't become an MSM lapdog.

9:41 AM  

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