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Monday, February 27, 2006

Getting Something Right

Bill Frist is supporting the very tenacious and very principled Mitch McConnell to be his successor as Senate Majority Leader.


Blogger Greg said...

Excellent choice!!

I've always been extremely proud of my state's Senior Senator.

That is except for the inexplicable vote of no confidence he made along with other Republican Senators when they voted to ask the President to explain his Iraq War policy. Don't get me started on that debacle!

Other than that, he's had a stellar career in my mind.

I remember how he handled the Bob Packwood situation. Rather than make a public spectacle of the case. McConnell insisted on closed door meetings. The news media and Democrats screamed "good old boy" tactics and suggested a white wash was under way.

Instead, the Republicans came out of those closed door meetings and sent the Senator from Oregon home.

If only the Democrats had half as much moral fortitude!

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