Carol Platt Liebau: The Pain of "Getting It"

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Pain of "Getting It"

Poor Joan Venocchi. Writing in The Boston Globe, she deplores the Kerry/Kennedy calls for a filibuster on the Alito nomination -- recognizing, correctly, that the left-wing hijinks only help Republicans.

How painful it must be to "get it," and to realize that one's ideological fellows either don't, or are so self-absorbed and greedily ambitious that they care more about their own short term political advantage than the good of the party.

Final note: Venocchi writes, "Going after Alito as a bigot backfired. Forget about Mrs. Alito's tears. The moment Kennedy was exposed for belonging to a discriminatory college fraternal organization, it was over. He lost the moral high ground."

Seems to me that he "lost the moral high ground" about the time he swam away from the submerged car in Chappaquiddick Bay, leaving a young woman to drown.


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