Carol Platt Liebau: Hamas Victory

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Victory

Not the news we would have hoped for. Of course, the Bush Administration is refusing to deal with the political arm of this terrorist group until it renounces violence and acknowledges Israel's right to exist.

I wonder how the Palestinian people will feel when they realize that they haven't taken steps toward obtaining a state of their own -- rather, they've seriously damaged the process that was put in place for it?


Blogger eLarson said...

Israel held back against the Fatah government in the face of Hamas rocket attacks.

Now that the government is in the hands of Hamas, what is going to stop Israel from dropping significantly more fire power onto Ramallah should that sort of thing occur in the future?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Hamas will no longer be able to hide in the shadows and launch terrorist attacks on Israel as an unruly band of zealots. They will now be the official governing body of the Palestinian people. Now attacks on Israel may be considered acts of war.

I realize terrorists attacks may already be considered acts of war. But there's always been this gray area where the official voice of the Palestinians could pose as a party to peace negotiations. They could use Hamas as both a terrorist weapon and as a means of applying international pressure on Israel to grant more and more concessions. "If only Israel would do this or that, we could tame this unruly beast and have peace at last!"

Well now the unruly beast is the ruling party of the Palestinian people. There is an added burden of responsibility in that situation - and less political cover.

If the Palestinian government attacks, Israel will have complete justification for all out war. They could justifiably conquer all of Palestine, kill all of the terrorists, impose martial law indefinitely, and whatever else they may consider as necessary and within their rights of self defense.

I'm not so sure the Palestinians have thought through the consequenses of engaging in an open war with Israel.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

... And what's going to happen when Hamas actually tries to govern - a task they've never before been burdoned with? Will they be able to provide police protection? Will they be able to spur economic growth? Will they improve education and health care?

What will happen if the Palestinians realize this terrorist group is incapable of performing the basic functions of government?

What will happen when the Palestinians realize Israel and the United States will neither recognize nor negotiate with Hamas as long as they stand for the destruction of Israel?

hmmmm ...

1:23 PM  

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