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Monday, November 21, 2005

Takin' It To Teddy

Over at the Huffington Post, Teddy Kennedy (or one of his staffers, more likely) bestirred himself to offer an excrescence titled "Ten Commandments for Wal-Mart."

The piece is pretty much what you'd expect from a leftist moonbat like the Tedster (as I've written before, there's a lot to like about Wal-Mart). But the best (and most lucid) aspect of the entire post are the comments that follow it.

Commenter PerryWhite contributed the following:

Here are some commandments that the Walton family seems to have obeyed:

Thou shalt not drive off a bridge and leave the passenger to drown.

Thou shalt keep one's hands off the babysitter.

Thou shalt not keep the finances secret regarding the family oil [sic] business.

Thou shalt not go to spring break after one's 25th year.

Thou shall not hire expensive lawyers to create secret trusts to avoid paying death taxes that one's family votes to support for others.

And from KenPasadena:

Dear Senator Ted: If you ran Wal Mart, we'd have another GM on our hands. Thousands of lay-offs, devastated communities, unproductive older workers, products that no one wants to buy. On the bright side, we would sell more viagra.

What is it about Teddy that brings out the wag in all of us?


Blogger Draino said...

Well if Wal-Mart became like GM and laid-off all their workers at least they'd get better health benefits. Probably make more money panhandling too.

6:26 AM  
Blogger COPioneer said...

with the stock buying benefit, most employees of WalMart can retire early, and then be the ones giving a couple quarters and burrito to the panhandlers. So they can go get a bottle of thunderbird to wash it down. If liberals get their way, unemployment will go to 0%, because panhandling will be one of the best "jobs" around.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Marine Mom in St Paul said...

Teddy is a bleeding heart when he needs to be to gain political ground, but you'll never know how he "really" feels on an issue until the next time there's a political gain to be made. He has no aversion to 180-degree turns. He'll again take to the mikes and (I apologize if he's just to funny to resist this) READ FROM A SCRIPT PREPARED BY SOME INTERN OR JUNIOR STAFFER ABOUT SOME "DEEPLY HELD" VIEW--whatever is expected by the moonbat line of the day. He'll gesture and roar, meanwhile he's clumsily stumbling through someone else's words. Oh, he's a piece of work, all right. Just don't ever ask him to do the RIGHT THING or take the DIFFICULT STAND, or look at a long term sacrifice. That's not how he works. He works at undermining those who do, and everyone knows he is nothing more than a loud whiner. Nobody likes a whiner. People are turned off by opportunists. He's an interesting contrast in leadership to his eloquent and courageous brother. I think when he looks in the mirror he sees JFK, but he's the only one who does.

7:31 PM  

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