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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Humorless Liberals

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is "vexed" (as this AP story puts it) about written comments that flowed from John Roberts' sharp eye and keen pen -- more than twenty years ago.

True, liberals do seem to have ever-shifting standards that they apply to Republican presidents' nominees. But has it really come to the point where some snarky little written commments (many of them quite funny) by a young man two decades ago is a federal issue?

No wonder feminists are stereotyped as humorless. Lighten up, Sen. Feinstein. And, by the way, this entire episode is pretty revealing about the senator's character and priorities. She waxes indignant over some tongue-in-cheek remarks from a twenty-something, but I don't recall her objecting to some of the crass, obscene and inappropriate junk that passes for humor on the left. Selective outrage, perhaps?


Blogger tweedledeetweedledum said...

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Blogger Mr. Twister said...

Yawn, how tiring.

We can't have the documents from Judge Roberts' time in the Solicitor General's office, but this isn't a concern. Why shouldn't we be troubled? Because we have boxes and boxes of other documents from earlier in his career.

Judge Roberts's said some kooky things in his earlier writings? Don't worry if he was a little "smart alecky" because he was just a "twenty-something."

Can we see some documents from later in his career to see how his opinions have matured? No, go back to step one.

Rinse and repeat.

Why won't the Bush administration release Roberts' Solicitor General documents? What are they hiding?

10:25 PM  

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