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Monday, August 22, 2005

Best of What's Left

Brendan Miniter writes an amusing -- and spot on -- piece about conservatives' increasingly savvy deployment of stereotypically liberal strategies to win the battle of ideas. Some of what's being done is both clever and innovatively adapted.

As for the left, all it's still got is a monopoly on Joan Baez. I know what side I'm on -- and I'm glad about it!


Blogger Sam Freedom said...

If you were Joan Baez and your only two choices were to go hang out in a nice, sunny field with a thousand other people using the death of a noble soldier (who believed in what he did so much that he re-enlisted) as a platform to get a SECOND meeting with the president for a frothy-mouthed make-no-sense radical woman....OR.... spend the rest of your days wasting away in a nursing home, singing Kumbaya to a bunch of people who are too senile and decrepit to remember her name, which would you pick?

Can you blame her? Show some compassion.

As I said, the only one who's winning from all this is the company that's renting out the Porta-John village.

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1:55 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

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Blogger Draino said...

Cool comment Sam! Hey let's go beat the crap out of hippie chix and run over crosses in Crawford! Then we can pump iron and pose in the mirror together!!

3:38 PM  

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