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Saturday, July 16, 2005

No Dutch Treat

Here is a piece worth reading about the Netherlands, a society that is now reeling, having tolerated -- even encouraged -- the rise of Islamofascism.

Frankly, the piece is worth a read because it seems to me to be an object lesson in what happens to a country that acts on every liberal pipe dream. And the piece doesn't even mention the recent adoption of the Groningren Protocols -- which, as I argued here, has the potential for truly horrifying abuse.


Blogger Orphan in Bama said...

This is the first article I've seen detailing the rise/isolation of the Muslim in any country. The trail from needed manpower (imported) to too much manpower and high unemployment (no way to export the manpower back to their point of origination) to the public dole (why work when I can lay about and carp), is in my mind, a time bomb for disaster. Add to that the tendency of fundamentalist Muslims.....Wahabbists or Muslim Brotherhood, take your pick or add your bite the hand that is feeding them, and you have a even more fuel for a fire. Toss in a little intolerance by the Muslim clerics, which is force-fed to the adherents, and boom! got yourself a wildfire.

Additionally, the Dutch, in their own intolerance for discussion of particular issues regarding the problem, have to shoulder a lot of the balme themselves. I won't mention the effects of a free wheeling no-holds-barred society on all of the above except to say that where there is no discipline there can be no we have seen in this particular country. Sad.

Can it happen here? I think so. We have so many people in positions of authority who shrink at the mention of personal discipline and the requirement of personal discernment to maintain a steady course, that eventually we will begin to fall in the same direction. But, in spite of those comments, I see the American equivalent of the portion of the Dutch citizenry being squeezed out...those in the middle having some foundations for the purpose of their lives ( spell that those folks with a Spititual Foundation for those who fear the basis for life) being the bulwark against the Dutch collapse. And I will leave with that thought janging out there....


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