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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Let Your Voice Be Heard

As my piece tomorrow at The One Republic points out, it's up to the American people to draw the line on what constitutes acceptable civic discourse from our elected officials, and Dick Durbin's slander of our troops was way, way over the line.

So far, official response to Durbin -- on both sides of the aisle -- has been underwhelming, far short of the massive repudiation that our troops and our national honor demands. Please contact your senators, and/or the following, to demand that Senator Durbin either resign or face censure on the floor of the United States Senate. It is imperative that his remarks elicit a response that will tell the world unequivocally that Durbin's slander is neither the truth nor does it represent the opinion of the vast majority of Americans.

To Contact Dick Durbin:

Phone: (202) 224-2152 (Washington, D.C.)
(312) 353-4952 (Chicago, IL)


To Contact Bill Frist:

Phone: (202) 224-3344 (Washington, D.C.)
(615) 352-9411 (Nashville)

Web: Here

To Contact John McCain (who will be sensitive to these comments as he's running for President -- and has great media contacts and credibility as a former POW)

Phone: (202) 224-2235 (Washington, D.C.)
(602) 952-2410 (Phoenix)

Web: Here


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