Carol Platt Liebau: Attention, All Newspaper Editors

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Attention, All Newspaper Editors

Here are the suggested points for "letters to the editor" that MoveOn.Org is distributing in advance of the President's speech tonight, along with a handy tool that will permit writers to select the newspaper to which it wants to send their little epistles. (Judging from the idiot-proof format, MoveOn doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in the intelligence of its constituents).

Anyway, check it out so that you'll be able to spot the canned letters with ease. Of course, they say that "We'll update our suggestion for the best thing to write about 30 minutes after [the President's] speech ends" so some of this is likely to change.

But I do mean that the set-up is designed to be (not coincidentally?) idiot-proof. Here's a little sample of what's on the email:

Bush's speech tonight will be one of the major "tipping point" moments since the war began, and we can help make sure that no one buys his "stay the course" rhetoric. Politicians will be watching the letter-to-the-editor pages closely, and newspapers are likely to print letters on what will be the major story of the week. If we're able to push back hard enough, we can build a drumbeat for a real exit plan.

Boy, did Karl Rove ever have their number.


Blogger TexFarm Boy said...

Hi Carol,
Okay I did what you suggested, and felt great using the Moveon.Org website to show support for our president. Now I guess I will stand by for hate mail from them as my name is now on their list as a 'supporter'.
As always I love you writing and your insight

5:08 AM  

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