Carol Platt Liebau

Monday, March 14, 2005

Good luck to the left wing bloggers who scheduled a conference call with reporters in an effort to "build bridges." Some attribute the liberals' competitive disadvantage to the fact that conservative bloggers have "social networks" with conservative news outlets, while liberals don't.

But here's the real problem for the libs: The MSM, made up predominantly of liberals (see post below) is already covering the stories that liberal bloggers think are important -- there's less to "discover" on liberal web sites because they're already singing out of the same hymnal (at least until the lib bloggers take a sharp left turn into the fever swamps where the MSM won't follow).

The beauty of the blogosphere for conservatives is that it allows a conduit for news that otherwise might well NOT be reported by the MSM -- e.g. Swift Boat vets, Memogate, etc. That's why the blogosphere matters more for conservatives and why they are more influential within it.


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