Carol Platt Liebau

Friday, February 04, 2005

This piece is the first op/ed against Eason Jordan that I've seen. Incidentally, it quotes the statement that was provided to this web site day before yesterday.

One of the comments on that post remarked that, by Eason Jordan's definition, Army Ranger Pat Tillman was murdered, not killed in a friendly fire tragedy. And that's absolutely true. After all, if a woman shoots what she thinks is an intruder in her house -- and it turns out to be her husband, returning unexpectedly from a business trip -- that doesn't make her a "murderer" like Pamela Smart, who cajoled two of her high school students into murdering her spouse.

Mr. Jordan is an intelligent man, and surely he is capable of grasping this distinction. But the nectar of anti-Americanism is apparently an intoxicating one for him.


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