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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Read Hugh Hewitt's Weekly Standard piece here. It centers around the Newsweek cover story by Jon Meacham on the birth of Jesus.

Although Meacham has always seemed to be a straight shooter when I've seen him on political talk shows, his Newsweek piece is an ill-begotten one. Over at Hugh Hewitt's site, you will find much excellent commentary on the topic (sickness and a variety of pressing commitments prevented me from participating).

In the end, perhaps what I find most offensive about the MSM's approach to covering religion is its "exploratory," almost anthropological tone -- there would be less condescension were cannibalism in some remote corner of the world being discussed. Despite his protestation to the contrary, it's clear that Jon Meacham does not believe that orthodox faith and reason can be reconciled -- at least not in any significant way. This piece represents an effort to forge some sort of compromise, so that people who have little in the way of orthodox faith and background can still "deal" with the Nativity. As Hugh points out, the piece is being dissected by experts, bloggers, and expert bloggers. It's about time the MSM's approach to religion was discredited, as it surely deserves to be, both in terms of tone and substance.


Blogger Patrick O'Hannigan said...

I think you're right. The mainstream media views religion through a National Geographic lens, in part because (like science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke) journalists wonder why we haven't "outgrown" religious faith.

11:42 AM  
Blogger David said...

Thx for pointing out the Newsweek article. (I don't normally read fiction magazines, but I made an exception based on your reference. :-)

Sadly, the piece contained nothing new. Same tired old faux liberalism. Still, it's nice to know that there's been nothing new issue from the ossified realm of Mass Media Podpeople speech regarding Christianity. Tired cliches, an outsider's uninformed (and uninforming) view.

"... the subject of ongoing scholarly debate over their historical accuracy, their theological meaning and whether some of the central images and words of the Christian religion owe as much to the pagan culture of the Roman Empire as they do to apostolic revelation..."



In news of more importance, I hope you are feeling better. I pray for speedy recovery from any illness you have been suffering.

8:45 PM  

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