Carol Platt Liebau

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Here is another example, like the Groningen Protocols, of Western civilization's increasing interest in legalized death. And again, we see the true cost of a socialized medical system:

[Baroness Warnock, M.P.] suggests that parents of premature babies should be charged to keep them on life support machines if doctors write off their chances of leading a healthy life.

"Maybe it has come down to saying 'Okay, they can stay alive but the family will have to pay for it.' Otherwise it will be an awful drain on public resources," she said."

That's quite a cost that socialized medicine is imposing. Wasn't the supposed virtue of a socialized approach that it made one's economic status irrelevant in terms of obtaining quality healthcare? Looks like that didn't happen. Instead, the rich will live, the poor will die, and government will make all the decisions. Sounds a lot like the way socialism always works out in practice -- if not in theory -- to me . . . Is there anyone out there who really wants the government decreeing "Okay, they can stay alive" so long as certain conditions are met? Absolutely chilling.


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