Carol Platt Liebau

Friday, October 22, 2004

Diana West makes an excellent point in this piece in The Washington Times. A vote for Bush/Cheney really is a vote against the bias of the MSM.

That being said, I and other conservative partisans who doubtless love the piece have to remember that it is of minimal persuasive importance to "normal" Americans. To them, Tom/Peter/Dan are just guys who show up on the nightly news -- guys they're familiar with and have seen for years. It always makes me a little nervous when Republicans start focusing on the MSM right before an election; it reminds me of 1992 when bumper stickers came out saying, "Disappoint the Media: Vote for Bush" or words to that effect.

Sadly, it's still a fact of life that Republicans can't expect a fair shake from the MSM. But with only 11 days to go until the election, let's ignore what we can't change immediately (like the media) and focus on areas where we can have an impact (beating John "Global Test" Kerry like a cheap dimestore bongo drum).


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